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Why not try some games at home?

Musical Zombies:

This is the Halloween version of Musical Statues. Play suitable Halloween themed music, and everyone walks around like a zombie. When the music stops, the last person to freeze or first person to move when frozen is out. Keep playing until you find a winner.

Mummy Wrap:

In this game, everyone splits into teams, and one person is chosen from each team to be the mummy. When the game starts, each team must wrap the mummy in toilet paper until they are completely covered. The first team to wrap their mummy wins!

Ghost in the Graveyard:

One player is chosen as the ghost. The rest of the players must stay together at “safety” and not look while the ghost hides. When time is up, everyone goes to try to find the ghost in the house/garden. When someone finds the ghost, they must yell “ghost in the graveyard” so all the other players hear them. All the players must run back to “safety” as quickly as they can. The ghost must try to tag players on their way back, and the first one to get tagged is the ghost the next time around.